iPhone Repair Las Vegas

Gadget Repair offers the best iPhone repairs in Las Vegas. We provide anything from quick and high-quality cracked iPhone screen repairs to iPhone battery replacement services. To ensure the quality of our repair services, we only use genuine and high-quality iPhone parts.

All iPhone repair services come with a 30-day warranty. If any problems occur with your device after your repair with us, our technicians will solve the problems free of charge. Restrictions apply.

Ready to get your iPhone repaired? Contact our repair shop to start your iPhone repair service with us.

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iPhone Screen Repair in Las Vegas

Are you looking for a professional iPhone screen replacement in Las Vegas? Come to Gadget Repair! Our experienced technicians can give your iPhone a fresh new screen within 15 to 20 minutes. We have stocks of every iPhone color and you won’t have to worry about mismatched parts.

You can rely on Gadget Repair to fix any cracked iPhone screen–iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max, any model! Just bring your iPhone in and we’ll handle it for you.

All iPhone screen replacement services come with 1-year warranty. Issues encountered after the repair during this period will be addressed by our technicians for free. Restrictions apply.

Get a quote from our technicians or send us your iPhone screen repair inquiries using our contact form.

iPhone Battery Replacement Las Vegas

Do you find yourself charging your iPhone more often? Does your iPhone die at more than 1%? It’s time to get an iPhone battery replacement. Gadget Repairs have high-quality replacement parts for all iPhone models, from the oldest to newest models.

Our iPhone battery replacement service includes a 30-day warranty that’ll protect you from additional repair costs if your iPhone encounters an issue after your repair with us.

Contact us today for a free quote and more information on getting an iPhone battery replacement.

iPhone Water Damage Same Day Repair Las Vegas

Did your iPhone come in contact with water and stopped working? Don’t wait any longer and bring your water damaged iPhone to your local iPhone repair provider in Las Vegas. Bringing your iPhone in for a diagnostic check will help prevent further damage to your iPhone and its components. You can also save on repair costs.

Gadget Repair’s technicians are experienced in diagnosing and repairing water damaged iPhones, so rest assured that you’ll get your iPhone back in mint condition in no time.

If you got your iPhone wet, call us as soon as possible to get assistance from our team of technicians. We’ll ask you to come down to our repair shop in Las Vegas, and we’ll test your device. 

You can get an iPhone water damage repair quote right away from our website or at our repair shop location.

iPhone Speaker Damage Las Vegas

iPhone speaker damage can be a product of your iPhone coming in contact with liquids, and it can also be caused by dust build up inside your iPhone. 

Since it’s impossible to keep dust out of your device, you should bring your iPhone in for regular diagnostic checks to ensure everything is working properly.

If your iPhone’s speaker sounds different, quiet, or in any way out of the ordinary and you’ve done fixes you could try at home, call Gadget Repair in Las Vegas to get assistance from our technicians.

Our iPhone speaker damage repair service is available along with other iPhone repairs at our Las Vegas location. Call us or drop by and we’ll gladly assist you.

iPhone Camera Replacement Las Vegas

Do you see weird shapes or lines on your photos taken by your iPhone’s camera? Or are your iPhone’s camera lenses shattered or scratched and the image quality is taking a hit? It’s time to get an iPhone camera replacement service.

Our iPhone camera replacement service is done by our team of experienced technicians, and we use the best quality of iPhone parts available in the market. All parts and labor involved in our iPhone camera repair service comes with a 30-day warranty. Restrictions apply.

Need to get your iPhone camera repaired? Call us today and get an instant repair quote.

iPhone Diagnostic Check Las Vegas

Not sure what’s wrong with your iPhone? Come to Gadget Repair in Las Vegas and get an iPhone diagnostic check service for your device! Our technicians will run the necessary tests to find out what’s wrong with your iPhone. This will help you determine the exact iPhone repair service you need.

Our iPhone diagnostic service will also come with a free repair quotation, so you know what you’ll pay for the iPhone repair you need to get.

Ready to get your iPhone checked? Call Gadget Repair or drop by our Las Vegas repair shop today.

iPhone Common Repairs

Our Dedicated Team Of Repair Experts Are Always Available To Get Your iPhone Working Like Brand New

Front Glass Repair

Back Glass Repair

Charging Port Replacement

Speaker Replacement

Camera Replacement

Battery Replacement